Steam Iron Morphy Richards Saturn Iron 305000 0,35 L 50 g/min 2400W (Refurbished A+)

Morphy Richards

Steam Iron Morphy Richards Saturn Iron 305000 0,35 L 50 g/min 2400W (Refurbished A+)

If you are looking for household appliances at the best prices, don't miss the Steam Iron Morphy Richards Saturn Iron 305000 0,35 L 50 g/min 2400W (Refurbished A+) and a wide selection of small household appliances!
  • Power: 2400 W
  • Continuous steam: 50 g/min
  • Colour:
    • Black
    • Green
  • Capacity: 0,35 L
  • Power supply: Electric Network
  • Cable length: 2,5 m

The Saturn Steam pressurised steam iron delivers effortless ironing results thanks to Aeroglide technology.

This is a combination of a 1 bar pressurised pump working in tandem with the soleplate that has 485 active steam holes. Aeroglide technology evenly distributes the steam across the entire ceramic soleplate to create a cushion of air for effortless crease removal.

The Saturn Steam Iron is really intuitive and easy to use. With an Auto-Steam feature there is no need to select the steam level, just set the temperature and the steam level will automatically adjust.

Powerful pressurised steam iron

The built in pump produces a powerful 1 bar of pressure creating a constant flow of steam whenever you need it. The pump works alongside the Aeroglide soleplate to evenly distribute steam across the entire soleplate via 485 steam holes. This creates a cushioned effect for an effortless glide and a flawless finish.

Aeroglide soleplate technology

Design engineered for quicker and easier ironing results! The soleplate shape has been carefully considered to make it as easy as possible to iron out those creases in difficult to reach areas. Most other irons concentrate the steam output through smaller sections, but thanks to all active 485 holes in the Aeroglide Soleplate, the steam doesn't need to be as powerful as it is distributed in a smarter more effective way and covers a wider surface area.

Precision temperature and Auto Steam control

Saturn Steam has Precision Temperature and Steam Control, which accurately regulates the temperature and steam levels to ensure that it is exactly as you have set it to and won't fluctuate during use. The steam can be set to be constantly on - so you don't have to hold down any buttons making it much more comfortable and easy to iron.Plus, it'll heat up quickly thanks to the 2400w power.

Stubborn Crease Removal

This iron is perfect for motoring through your ironing pile. The pump pushes steam deep into the fabric and makes light work of sorting even those stubborn creases. Plus, you can even iron multiple layers saving you both time and effort!

Unique crease light for professional results

The only iron to have a light! No crease is safe from the Saturn Steam, as the light highlights creases you might have missed - perfect for darker garments or nooks and crannies in places like pockets and pleats. Achieve a professional finish.

Dual limescale protection, self clean and anti-scale

Limescale effects everyone, especially those who in live in hard water areas which happens to be over 60% of the UK. Limescale reduces the speed and performance of an iron by clogging the internal parts and blocking the steam output. Saturn Steam has a built-in anti scale cartridge, which reduces limescale build-up and prolonging the lifespan of the product and a self-clean function, which removes limescale built up in the steam chamber.

  • Type: Dry & Steam iron
  • Soleplate type: Ceramic soleplate
  • Variable steam: Y
  • Cord length: 2.5 m
  • Self-cleaning: Y
  • Product colour: Multicolor
  • Continuous steam: Y
  • Continuous steam performance: 50 g/min
  • Water tank capacity: 0.35 L
  • Anti-drip function: Y
  • Anti-scale system: Y
  • Vertical steam function: Y
  • Spray function: Y
  • Cordless: N
  • Water tank type: Built-in
  • Removable water tank: N
  • Adjustable thermostat: Y
  • Easy storage: Y
  • LED indicators: Y
  • Easy to set up and store: Y
  • Manual: Y
  • Power: 2400 W
  • Auto shut-off: Y
REFURBISHED: These are products that have been returned within their return period or display products that have occasionally been used for demonstrations; some are sold with some damage to the packaging or with the original packaging having been opened. All products have been checked, they include the official brand guarantee and are in perfect working order. Depending on their condition, they are classed as:
  • A+/ Perfect: products in perfect condition whose original packaging may have been opened or substituted by other packaging that is in very good condition.
  • A/ As New: products that are in perfect, as new, condition, their original packaging may have been opened, have some damage or may have been substituted by other packaging.
  • B/ Very Good: products that are in very good condition, with possible slight aesthetic imperfections, they function perfectly and their original packaging may have been opened or have some damage.
  • C/ Good Condition: products are in good condition, with possible aesthetic imperfections but working perfectly, their original packaging may have been opened or have some damage.
  • D/ Correct: Products in correct condition, with possible aesthetic imperfections or lacking an accessory, in perfect working condition and their original packaging may have been opened or have some damage.