Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


In the Following session shows the questions asked by our customers to our service department.


  • The Product is new and in warranty ?

All our products are brand New with European Warranty


  • The shipment is insured in the case will come to me the damaged product, what should I do?

 Our shipments are all insured,every package is sent with the delivery note where it is indicated the procedure to follow in case of transport damage,every time customer 4 working days from the day of delivery to notify us to activate insurance of the damage by sending the following photos to our support center:


  • Photo Damage/the

  • Photos of the box

  • The photo of the box open showing the packaging

  • Picture of the courier on the package

  • Photos of the delivery note, where are listed the products


our support center will open soon his practice at the courier , and after its acceptance, we will proceed to send the procedure for the withdrawal of the material ( at no cost to the customer) .

The material arrived at our warehouse will be verified by us and by the employee of the carrier and be discharged of the damage is caused by transportation , we will proceed directly to us for a full refund .

The waiting time for verification at our warehouses depends on the work flow and on average is 10 working days from the arrival of the material at our facility.


  • The product has arrived defective, what should I do?

For the first 14 days from delivery , in the case of defects of workmanship (not neglect), we will deal directly with us , simply send us an e-mail indicating the problem encountered and the following photos/video:


  • Photos of the delivery note, where are listed the products

  • Foto S/N (Serial number) and EAN code of the product (an average of in the box)

  • Photos / video of the problem ( depends on the type of problem )


The service center will open his practice at the provider to find him the best solution , in cases of minor defects is proposed for a partial refund or the replacement of the part of the defective product in case of defects, the more we will send you the procedure for withdrawal (at our expense) once the material arrives at our facility will be checked carefully and then proceed to the reimbursement.

The waiting time for verification at our warehouses depends on the work flow and on average is 10 working days from the arrival of the material at our facility.


  • I have a product with a defect, how do I access to the warranty ?

All the products are covered by a warranty of 24 months from purchase, for manufacturing defects ,not defects due to wear and tear or neglect.

After the first 14 days from the delivery to the customer può contact directly to the manufacturer / service center agreement with him closely to solve the problem

by showing the purchase invoice.

Alternatively, you may directly contact our support Centre by sending an e-mail with an accurate description of the problem and any Photos / video, the department will open its practice of warranty , in the event that the manufacturer requires the product for repair/ inspection shall be the duty of the customer to organize and ship (at his own cost and responsibility) of the product at the address indicated.

The timing of repair, replacement depends on the manufacturer ,on average, do not exceed the 30 days, we are not responsible for delays and/or repairs .

We remind our customers that in these cases we do only from the administration, and any r requests for refunds from customers can be accepted.


  • How soon do I receive my product ?

 the timing to receive the product depends on the type of product and timing of delivery of the courier chosen during your purchase.


on the day of payment of the order “Payment Accepted” the quality assurance department checks the product to you is intended to verify the presence of any damage or defects (do not open any boxes) this phase lasts for a maximum of 24 hours.


Subsequently, the logistics department takes charge of his order, this phase has a timing which varies depending on the product and in the case of products which are not encumbered and non-sensitive, the department manages all in 24/48 working hours while in the case of products, cluttered,delicate or more products together, the department takes the most time, on average, 5 working days, since that must proceed to a most careful preparation (packing, preparation for pallets).


Concluded that do, the department will pass your order to the Shipping department Processing which will proceed with the booking,preparation and delivery of the courier collecting the product of this phase lasts an average of 24 working hours (we do not calculate any delays of couriers).


As the courier collects your order is Shipped, our system sends a mail to the customer with the tracking number of the shipment so that the customer can follow the shipment to this phase lasts for 24 hours.


Delivered” the delivery schedule of the courier depends solely on the choice of the type of carrier that the customer has chosen DHL 24 (delivery in 24 working hours from the shipment) TNT 2-3 working days if you choose courier free of charge the timing of the courier is on average 5 working days from dispatch.


In Summary: 

Accepted Payment :

  • Verification of the quality of

  • Preparation packaging

Time : 1 working days ( small products) – 4 working days (products large ,delicate, more products) 


  • creating a bubble, and shipping documentation

  • Booking The Courier

Time : 24 business hours

Shipped :

  • the courier will collect the product from

  • send e-mail to the customer with the tracking

Time :24 business hours

Delivered :

  • Delivery of the product

Time : depends on customer's choice


  • Can I cancel my order ?

All orders in Ppay - Toxcept may be canceled, just send a

e-mail clare at our service center,we will proceed to immediately to stop the order and to schedule the related full refund on the basis of the timing of the law.

Orders Processed or Shipped we cannot stop the procedure in progress so you can't cancel it , but the customer may require ,after delivery, to request the right of withdrawal

note: the orders the processing have already been processed and booked the courier


  • The product is compatible with my country?

 All of the products that we sell are for the European market , i.e. the manufacturer guarantees

that the product is compatible for the countries of the European community.

For England ,which has electrical sockets are different, some manufacturers place

adapters ,but the presence or absence of these adapters can't be verified by

our ,as we can't open the boxes, and we are not responsible for these deficiencies.


  • The product price is inclusive of taxes and customs and shipping costs?

All prices displayed on our site are inclusive of taxes, the only cost

that should be added are the shipping costs that vary according to the choice of courier.

Of course, if you choose the courier free of charge this additional cost is not present.


  • Do you ship to my country?

We ship all over Europe


  • What are the costs and timing of delivery of the courier?

Both the timing and the costs of couriers depending on your choice, we have various

couriers (DHL ,GLS,TNT, DPD....the cost varies according to the weight of the product and to

timing of delivery that you choose.

Per be able to satisfy our customers on many products there is also the courier free tale the courier, a delivery time variable on an average of 5 working days from the shipping, and of course is provided the relative-tracking.


  • How long should I wait to receive a response to my e-mail ?

Our service department works from Monday to Friday from 9:30 to 17:00

we receive an average of 400-800 e-mails a day from all over Europe,even if we try to respond quickly to your e-mail on average, we employ a maximum of 24 working hours , of course e-mails received outside of business hours or on holidays are handled on the next working day.


  • I saw that the delivery address is wrong how can I do?

The delivery address cannot be changed by the customer , in case of input errors or change of address just send us an e-mail indicating the address to be changed (delivery address ,billing address) and indicating the address complete, correct , you cannot change a delivery address for orders already shipped .


  • Because I don't log in to the client panel? / Why can't I see my order in the client panel?

    You placed your order as a guest without registering to our site, this method does not access to the client panel where you can see orders, invoices and much more ,even if you make the registration and after the your order view your order being made as a guest, however, will receive its automatic e-mail of the progress of the order including the invoice and the tracking.


  • I have received the product but I don't know how to make it work/fit

Each product is equipped with a guide provided by the manufacturer, where there is indicated, all necessary for a correct use.


The Service center can provide you (if possible) additional documentation or directions,but can not ,to avoid errors or damage to the products , give advice and / or guide our customers in the use / installation of products .

In these cases, the customer should follow the guidance provided by the manufacturer, or any other documentation approved by the manufacturer.


  • After using the product I realized that is not what I needed I would like to be recovered and refunded as I do?

The right of withdrawal as indicated by the european law and in the contract of revenge indicates that the customer has 14 days to request the cancellation, after this timing can no longer accept a cancellation.


In accordance to the law on the withdrawal, the material must return back fully intact in all its parts (in the same condition in which it was delivered), in the case of material components therefore the material must not be opened or used.

In practice, should the material must return in condition to be resold.

The shipment of the product from us as per the law, is totally at the expense of the customer and at its sole responsibility ,the customer then must organize and proceed with the shipment of the product, in the event of transportation damage or loss is borne by the customer.

Once arrived at our warehouse, the Quality Department will initiate a thorough verification of the product if the product terms and conditions correspond to those indicated by the law, god's withdrawal, we will proceed with the refund minus shipping costs (one way).

In the event you found defects that make the product non-resalable and the product will automatically be returned at the expense of the customer (the courier will be paid by the customer at time of delivery).